business planningBusiness Planning is not as easy as it seems, especially when you already have a business. What we’ll do for a start-up business is develop a strategic business plan to determine how to get from point a (start-up expenses and setup) to point z (operating profitably). Click Here for Start-up Companies.

As for already established business we will analyze your issues and determine a more profitable plan of action. Click here for more info.

financial analysisFinancial Analysis is a process where we take a look at your transaction or expense history to determine how to help you reduce cost and maximize profit potential.

We concentrate on working across jobs to supply analysis and insights. Exactly what we can do for your company is:
Maintain and upgrade comprehensive financial and valuation design for the Company.
Evaluate the financial merit and structure of possible transactions, initiatives, acquisitions and other projects.

strategic marketingWe offer sound, innovative, strategic marketing management and campaigns.
Handle the planning, development, design and implementation of strategic corporate tasks. The scope of which consists of stage gate review, executive approval and ultimate deployment of the item or task.

We concentrate on most recent driven projects and item delivery to continuously enhance market share, earnings, growth and functional performance.

investement evaluationInvestment Evaluation is where we will assist you to evaluate and justify big financial investments by drawing up a business case. This can be an investment in properties, IT systems, or new products or markets.

We establish an organized summary of all the risks and benefits of these financial investments. These consist of the hard, monetary consequences however also the less concrete effects. McBOV’s Value-Print method makes such a full and careful analysis possible.

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