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The 9 Best Stocks

to Own Right Now

After sifting through the
recommendations of dozens of the nation’s leading investment advisors,
we’ve hand-selected the stocks that appear best-positioned to beat the
market over the long-haul…

Analysts Featured

in This Report

Many of these experts have PhDs and MBAs… have authored best-selling
books on making money in the market… have appeared on CNBC, Fox
Business News
, Bloomberg TV, CNN Radio…
and have been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The
Washington Post
and more.


we’d never guarantee that these stocks will outperform the general
market, we CAN say with 100% certainty that the advisors recommending
them have remarkable histories of picking winners.

During the past few years, many of their recommendations have led to
outsized profits in stocks, bonds, commodities and precious metals like
gold and silver.

With this in mind, we’ve dug through their latest research and compiled
what we consider to be a list of The 9 Best Stocks to Own Right

Stock #1

This Dividend Champion is
On Sale…

Now Looks Like a Great Time to Buy

The current situation for “Stock
#1″ can be a dream for savvy investors focused on the long-term.

In short, thanks to a recent pullback, “Stock #1″ — a high-quality
growth stock with 46 consecutive years of dividend increases — is on
sale at a hefty discount.

As a result, we’re now
looking at a rare opportunity to buy shares of solid Dividend Champion
at a bargain-basement price. There’s no telling how long you’ll be able
to pick up shares at this price though, so if you’re interested, we
suggest you act soon.

Stock #2

One of the Safest Stocks in
the World is a “Buy” Right Now


“Stock #2″ is the perfect dividend stock. It’s
also one of the safest stocks in the world.

In short, the company is a cash-gushing powerhouse with thick,
consistent profit margins and a huge competitive moat around its

And not only does it pay an above average yield and a dividend that’s
growing, but it continues to buy back its own stock as well. Despite
this, however, “Stock #2″ is currently dirt-cheap… making right now
an excellent time to

Stock #3

The One Stock to Own in ANY

“Stock #3″ is the kind of stock you can
hold forever, no matter how the market does.

only has it held up better than the average stock during downturns,
but it also pays ever-rising dividends like clockwork.

In fact, it’s boosted payments for 18 years straight… its 10-year
dividend growth
rate is an astounding 19.4%… and its payout ratio is just 25%
(leaving PLENTY of room for future increases as well).

On top of all this, shares are currently trading at a discount. Buy
them… hold them… and potentially collect dividend after dividend
for decades to come.

Stock #4

Warren Buffett Just Bought
Another 300,000 Shares of This Stock


world’s most successful investor has purchased another large chunk of
“Stock #4.” According to the latest quarterly SEC filings, Buffett now
owns 49.5
million shares worth some $3.8 billion!

What’s the attraction? For one, this dominant stock looks undervalued
and is flashing a compelling “BUY” signal.

In short, the company is making more money than ever today, yet its
share price isn’t keeping up. In addition, if you buy now, you can lock
in one of its highest yields in history.

top of all this, in both good and bad economic times, “Stock #4″ has
able to deliver ever-increasing payouts to its shareholders. It’s paid
dividends through wars, recessions and bear markets… it’s one of the
strongest, safest companies in the world… and it could pay one of the
safest, largest dividend streams on the planet.

Bottom line? If you’re looking for both safety AND a
dividend you can depend on, then this Buffett stock could be your
number one bet. And at today’s prices, right now could be a great time
to buy it

Stock #5

This is One of the Greatest
Dividend Stocks of All Time… And The Ideal Core Holding For ANY

#5″ is legendarily profitable… it’s legendarily stable… it’s one of
the greatest dividend stocks of all time… and it’s the ideal core
holding for ANY portfolio.

As a “Double Dividend Champion” with 57 consecutive years of dividend
growth under its belt, “Stock #5″ has survived the Vietnam war,
hyperinflation in the 1970s, the ’87 stock market crash, the bursting
of the “dot-com” bubble, the “Great Recession” and more.

It’s no wonder then that one of our favorite dividend growth
investors is loading up his personal retirement portfolio with
dependable, high-quality dividend growth stocks like this one. If
you’re a long-term investor, you should seriously consider following
his lead.

Stock #6

Bill Gates Now Has About
$1.3 Billion in This One Stock


only is “Stock #6″ a significant holding of billionaire investors Bill
Gates and Warren Buffett, but it’s one of the world’s greatest
companies… it could be a perfect inflation hedge for your
portfolio… it takes its shareholders seriously… and it can produce
high returns on its assets without requiring large and ongoing capital

On top of all this, considering the fact that the company has raised
dividend every year for the past 52 years in a row — and that it
generates plenty of cash each year to pay it — its
dividend is as rock-solid as it gets.

Stock #7

Inflation Worries? This
Dividend Champion Could Be Your #1 Defense AND Offense


#7″ is a dominant player in its industry…
and it can sell its products no matter what’s going on in the overall

It’s one of the safest stocks on the planet… it has a strong history
of paying dividends through thick and thin… and it’s been growing its
payout by margins that have well exceeded inflation year-after-year.

Specifically, the company has increased dividends for 42 consecutive
years, boosting its payout by an average of 13.7% a year for the past
10 years in a row. And with a payout ratio of just 60%, it should be
able to continue boosting dividends in the future as well.

Stock #8

Now is a Great Time to Own

“Double Dividend Champion”


a “Double Dividend Champion” that’s posted 51 consecutive years of
dividend growth, “Stock #8″ is one of the world’s best businesses and
the kind of stock that has outlasted wars, recessions and financial

In fact, there have been 10 bear markets since 1961… and “Stock #8″
has increased its dividend, without interruption, through all 10 of

That said, if you’re looking for a true “sleep-at-night” investment
that you
can hold through ANY kind of market, “Stock #8″ should be near the top
of your list.

Stock #9

A “Recession-Proof” Income Stock For Both Good Times and Bad


Even with uncertainty in the economy, people
should keep buying the products that this company sells.

As a result, it has been able to raise its dividend payments each and
every year since it first started paying them 38 years ago. And these
aren’t small increases either: the company has boosted its dividend by
an average of 22.8% a year for the past 10 years and has a payout ratio
of just 58% (which leaves room for future increases as well).

But “Stock #9″ has offered its shareholders much more than a
predictable dividend stream: assuming you reinvested your dividends,
every $10,000 invested in this company 20 years ago would be worth
about $589,000 today.

No wonder Bill Gates just bought ONE MILLION shares for the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust. All told, he now owns 10.8 million
shares of this Dividend Champion.

the Names of These Stocks Now!


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